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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Can I still purchase a previous version of Adobe ColdFusion?

In order to get a previous version of Adobe ColdFusion (say CF2021), we would need to request permission from Adobe.   Please contact the sales team for more information.

Why should I purchase Adobe Platinum Support?

We strongly recommend that you also take a look at Adobe’s Platinum Support option. Platinum is an optional annual maintenance/support product.  The big advantage it gives you is that if you’re in support, you will automatically receive the next major version of ColdFusion e.g. CF2024
If you’re in support, the new license key will automatically be placed on your Adobe LWS account, however – this does not mean you have to instantly upgrade, but you have the license. Platinum support also includes 24-7 access to Adobe support engineers. Please note, that you can ONLY purchase Platinum together with a new, or upgrade CF license – you cannot buy Platinum support after the fact.  Read more about Platinum support here.

Buy Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise with Platinum Support

Buy Adobe ColdFusion Standard with Platinum Support

How do I get my license downgraded?

To downgrade, please get in touch with our Sales team at before buying a license. We will then send your downgrade request to Adobe and they will review and approve the request on an individual basis. We are happy to guide and assist you through the whole process.

How do I get my Adobe license?

Once the order has been made we will immediately send you an email to confirm the email address that the order should be associated to, once we receive this with us we will process it by the next working day. Please allow 7-14 days for your license to be generated, usually it will be much sooner than this (2-3 Days).
Once the order has been processed we will send you your license certificate to the purchasing and billing email addresses.
The license certificate will also be available in the LWS account associated with the order, you will use the email address that was associated to the order.
Adobe LWS login page
More information on Adobe LWS

Who do I contact for Platinum Support?

You can contact Adobe for your platinum support in a variety of ways:
To contact Adobe for Platinum support please send an email to
To contact via phone please use:
United States and Canada – 866-335-2256
United Kingdom – 0800 0329541
Germany – 0800 1012251
France – 0805 540369
Switzerland – 0201 701526

Online Customer support portal
Adobe ColdFusion Forum

Can I get Professional Adobe ColdFusion Consulting services?

Yes, we provide Adobe ColdFusion Consulting services, please see here for more details.

How do I downgrade from an Enterprise license edition to a Standard license edition without re-installing ColdFusion?

Your current license number is held within the following file location:- cfusion/lib/
  1. Navigate to this sub-directory and edit this file, removing the current license number.
  2. Restart ColdFusion using Services – this should have the effect off taking you back to a ‘Development edition’ within CF administration.
  3. Enter your new downgrade serial key – This should now activate your system as a ‘Standard edition’ within CF administration.