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ColdFusion® 2021 Standard


What is ColdFusion 2021 Standard Edition?

ColdFusion 2021 Standard Edition offers you a single platform to rapidly build and deploy web and mobile applications for moderate traffic on a single server. Leverage unique capabilities to develop, test, debug, and deploy mobile applications end to end. Generate high-quality PDF files. Boost productivity with full scripting support and other language features.Easily create dynamic HTML5 charts. Make your server more secure with features such as default server lockdown.

ColdFusion 11 Standard

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Why ColdFusion 2021 Standard Edition?

Build Applications Quickly

Work more productively with full CFSCRIPT support, social login integration, and other language enhancements. Generate high-quality PDF files from HTML pages, manipulate them extensively, and archive them as self-contained documents of record.

Embrace Mobile Technologies

Get a head start in the fast-growing market for mobile apps by leveraging your existing CFML skills. Supercharge your mobile application development workflow by using unique on-device debugging and multidevice inspection capabilities.

Deploy With Ease

Make your server more secure by using new functions to sanitize user input and restricting default remote access to the admin portal. Leverage Tomcat integration, enhanced caching, and improved Microsoft Office integration to make applications run faster without changing any code.

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